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Right, so how does the old girl feel in these HD boots? Well, after playing through the campaign with a buddy thanks to the all new on line co-op, the controls were tight and responsive. Even after the upgrade, 343i resisted the temptation to use the Halo Reach layout and have stayed true to the original control system, keeping the authentic feel of the original Halo CE. Just as with the player controls, the vehicles are still in mk 1 mode; so no fancy boosts or rolls with the ghost or banshee here, thank you very much.

The A.I is a bit ropey in places but you can forgive that as most games tend to have an A.I freakout moment from time to time. Some levels, the Library springs to mind, are a bit repetitive and the going back to previous places feels like 343i couldn't be bothered to make new locations, instead feeling the need to just get to the end of the story. That being said, the original was the same, so it's not really the remake's fault there. Mind you, I found myself switching to old school mode when I had to go back into places I had been before just because I could.

All in all for a game that will take six to seven hours to complete, skills permitting and desired difficulty setting dependant, it's not a bad little romp down memory lane. Factor in that it now has Xbox Live multiplayer added into the equation using the Halo: Reach engine, chuck in some re-made favourite multiplayer maps from Halo and Halo 2, sprinkle with achievements, terminals and other hidden Easter eggs, all for a price that is slightly cheaper than a full price game and I think it's a worthwhile addition to any Halo fans collection. Well let's face it, at the very least it kills time until Halo 4 comes out.

Game Info

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Release Date - 15 Nov 2011

Platform - Xbox 360

Developer - 343 Industries

Age Rating - 16

Our Rating - 9/10


Master Chief has never looked so good


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